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Clients & Cash™ is an on-line course for holistic health, estheticians, massage therapists, and other mind, body, spirit practitioners who want to get more clients and cash coming into their business fast.

You'll learn how to create quick promotional campaigns that can be implemented without a lot of fuss or lead time. Perfect for when you want to get through a short-term cash crunch, or anytime when you are a busy solo professional working without support staff. 

Strategies simplified

No big marketing budgets or complicated technology required! The strategies Jaya teaches in Clients & Cash™ are time-tested, easy to implement, and small-budget friendly. If you have advanced marketing resources that's great and these will work for you! However this course is designed so that even brand new practitioners just starting out can launch great promotions fast with tools you already own or even just word-of-mouth. We want to help you get more clients and cash in a flash!
Strategies simplified

What you'll learn

  • Psychology and tactics that drive sales and make people eager to buy.

  • How to stop discounting the wrong way and learn to do it the smart way.

  • How to set attractive prices for your promotions so people buy quickly.

  • Go from hoping & waiting for referrals to having a referral-based practice.

  • A promotion that works fast, even if you don’t have any clients yet.

  • Get customers hooked on your best treatments and coming back for more.

  • Create big paydays for yourself so you can get out of a cash crunch fast.

  • How to write effective promotional copy so your ads convert to sales.

  • How to design your promotions like a pro (on a shoestring budget.)

  • Create and print beautiful promotional materials while saving money.

Quick launch campaigns

Need results fast? Big complicated marketing campaigns are of no use when you don't have time for a long launch. After you implement the easy and effective promotional strategies in Clients & Cash™, you can begin getting results within days. Your phone will start ringing again. Clients you haven’t seen for a while will come back. New clients arrive and tell you the wonderful things they heard about you. You will have learned how to generate business for yourself—again and again.
Quick launch campaigns

What's included


  • 12 Video Lessons Included

  • 24/7 Access from any location, using any device with an internet connection

  • BONUS: Downloadable audio recordings so you can listen and learn on the go

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What people are saying

“I definitely feel that I have received my money's worth from the Clients & Cash program. Due to Jaya's gentle nudging and support, I just had my best week ever.”

Nakia Campbell

“I am so full on my schedule for this coming week with friends of friends and friends of family--just like Jaya suggested. My referral program has been a huge success and it's all because of this program. You lay the groundwork in baby steps but the results are huge. Anyone wanting to explode their business needs Jaya Savannah!”

Debbie Leach-Holt

“If you need help with your marketing tips and how to handle yourself in your practice to bring in more clients, you need to listen to Jaya Savannah!”

Maricela Fortuna

Course curriculum


  • 01
    Show details
    • Welcome
    • Academy Tour
  • 02
    Show details
    • Fix Your Foundation
    • Promotional Strategies
  • 03
    Show details
    • Referral Campaign
    • Friends & Family
    • Gift of Referrals
    • Magic Upgrade
    • More is More
  • 04
    Show details
    • Copywriting
    • Get the Word Out
    • Design It
    • Perfect Printing
  • 05
    Show details
    • Graduation
    • Graduation Survey
  • 06
    Show details
    • Audio Recordings

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  • Jaya Savannah


    Jaya helps health and beauty practitioners, coaches, and other holistic experts to claim their niche, create their branding, and grow their business. She's often been described as having a "foot in both worlds" because of her deep intuitive insight and knowledge of all things holistic, combined with technical business savvy. During that time, Jaya has grown an international clientele, been published in a best-seller, written for magazines, spoken at respected industry conferences, been interviewed on podcasts and summits, presented seminars, created online video courses, and more.

    Jaya Savannah

    Holistic Business Coach | Creator of Guru School ® | 5D Lightwork™ Practitioner

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