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It's not enough to just be holistic, green, or the only practitioner in town anymore! You really need to define your area of expertise in order to stand out in an increasingly competitive market.

This on-demand webinar will teach you how to cook up a hot & delicious niche for your holistic health, beauty, or personal development business that will keep people coming back for more!

Delicious Niches™ On Demand includes 90-minutes of information-rich content, portioned out into 3 easy to digest videos. A downloadable workbook is also included so you’ll have the recipe with you when you go to cook up your niche.

What you'll learn

  • Why a niche is a necessity to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

  • The 3 times in your career when you might need to update or switch your niche.

  • Why being holistic or green isn’t enough of a differentiation anymore.

  • Common myths about niches that cost people time and money.

  • 3 must-have ingredients for a Delicious Niche.

  • The recipe that successfully blends your niche ingredients together.

  • 7 tasty examples of Delicious Niche statements to whet your appetite.

  • An alternate quick-cooking method that can get you niched in 30-minutes or less.

Ready to enjoy

After you purchase, you will be able to get started immediately. No waiting for enrollment dates or hoping the webinar time doesn't conflict with your busy schedule. Because it’s on-demand, you’ll be able to watch the videos anytime you want to create a new niche for your business or a sub-niche for specific products or services!
Ready to enjoy

What's included


  • 90 Minute on-demand webinar with unlimited replays

  • 24/7 Access from any location, using any device with an internet connection

  • Worksheets so you can get your niche recipe right any time you want to update your niche or create a new niched service or product

  • Downloadable audio recordings so you can listen and learn on the go

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What people are saying

“I just saw the replay of your fantastic webinar, Jaya Savannah. I found it really really helpful! It was also very enjoyable, I like the way you talk and explain. THANK YOU!!!”

Mai Kortazar

“The internet is always offering these marketing tools that promise to get more clients, or fill your workshops, etc., but what I really needed -- what all holistic practitioners need -- is niche marketing for the very reasons Jaya explains--create programs that satisfy the three key ‘must haves’…This really cinched it for me.”

Sandra Emmanouilides

“It's so information-packed and extremely useful for any holistic practitioner. Highly recommended!”

Angela Peck

Course curriculum


  • 01
    Show details
    • Course Overview
    • Academy Tour
  • 02
    Why a Niche is a Necessity
    Show details
    • Why a Niche Is a Necessity
  • 03
    Must Have Ingredients
    Show details
    • Must-Have Ingredients
  • 04
    Your Recipe for Success
    Show details
    • Your Recipe for Success
  • 05
    Show details
    • Delicious Niches Recipe Workbook
    • Audio Recordings

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  • Jaya Savannah


    Jaya helps health and beauty practitioners, coaches, and other holistic experts to claim their niche, create their branding, and grow their business. She's often been described as having a "foot in both worlds" because of her deep intuitive insight and knowledge of all things holistic, combined with technical business savvy. During that time, Jaya has grown an international clientele, been published in a best-seller, written for magazines, spoken at respected industry conferences, been interviewed on podcasts and summits, presented seminars, created online video courses, and more.

    Jaya Savannah

    Holistic Business Coach | Creator of Guru School ® | 5D Lightwork™ Practitioner

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